Our place

The University is at the heart of the Sheffield City Region, woven into the fabric and culture of Sheffield and the surrounding area. From our roots in the region almost 200 years ago, we continue that civic tradition through our leadership role and significant contribution to our region’s economy, workforce, infrastructure, health, culture and environment.

We add more than £400million to the city region economy on an annual basis, our £220m campus masterplan will help regenerate significant parts of Sheffield city centre, and we have built world-class research centres in an areas in need of regeneration and investment.

As part of our commitment to our region, we have created a Civic University Agreement. This pledge lays out a meaningful approach for how we consider our regional role and ensure this is embedded into our institutional culture. It restates our commitment to focus on regional priorities including the economy and jobs, education and skills, health and wellbeing, and community and regeneration.

Our leadership in the civic agenda and place-based higher education policy meant that we became the first national lead of the Civic University Network in 2020.

We have made outstanding progress. In particular:

  • Peace GardensWe have established South Yorkshire Futures, which is the largest and most ambitious university-led programme to raise educational attainment and aspiration in its region
  • We are the national lead for the UK Civic University Network, driving thinking about universities and their role in place
  • We lead the Sheffield Innovation Programme, one of the largest programmes of university-led support for small and medium sized enterprises in the country
  • We educate more degree apprentices than any other university in the United Kingdom

You can learn more about the University’s role in the region at the link below:

Sheffield Peace Gardens